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  • me-hufflepuff on 05/07/2021 at 8:13pm

    #hufflepuff Today I decided to dress up as profeser sprout cause she is a hufflepuff so why not? #quote “Longbottoms been neglecting his earmuffs,” “no ma’m he’s just fainted,” “oh, …

  • me-hufflepuff on 05/04/2021 at 7:52pm

    “Why are you so determined to embarrass me”- Daniel Radcliff to Emma Watson #Quote

  • iamironman on 05/04/2021 at 6:29pm

    I’m trying to remember a #quote… something like “with great power comes great…” i dunno.

  • 04-29-21-iamironman

    An intelligence agency that fears intelligence? Historically, not awesome. #quote

  • 04-29-21-brucewayne

    “The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming.” – Harvey Dent #quote

  • 04-28-21-brucewayne

    All men have limits. They learn what they are and learn not to exceed them. I ignore mine. #quote

  • 04-28-21-iamironman

    “It’s not about how much we lost, it’s about how much we have left.” #quote

  • 04-27-21-brucewayne

    Maybe that’s what batman is about. Not winning. But failing, and getting back up. Knowing he’ll fail, fail a thousand times, but still won’t give up. #quote

  • 04-27-21-iamironman

    “No amount of Money ever bought a second of Time.” #quote

  • 04-26-21-brucewayne

    “Madness, as you know, is a lot like gravity. All it takes is a little push.” – The Joker #quote


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