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    I honestly don’t know why there’s still so much hate in the #WordPress community for the Gutenberg editor. I’ve fully adopted it and love how it allows me to build pages without:

    1. huge amounts of custom dev work
    2. bulky, bloated page editors
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    Just come here from #Mastodon to say hello 🙂

    Nice theme btw

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    woman of history! By: Levi VanNortwick

     The following paragraph will tell you where Hilda Solis was born, when she was born, where she lived, and where she went to school . First Hilda was born in LA Puente California. Next she went to school at University of South calafor
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    How do u add image

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    There has been a lot of interest in this setup as of late. I wonder if the SEO value is starting to build?

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    How about you?

    pouring coffee

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    You know, Post Things may never make it to become an actual “product” that I create. But it sure is fun playing DIY Social Network in my free time.


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